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Flash Space Invaders

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Move with arrows. Shot with Spacebar.

This was my first game in flash, make in one day.

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Not bad for first flash game

You've covered the basics for the generic shooter, but it could use some stylistic points, such as music and sound effects. I may also suggest, next time you tweak with something like this, go via a level system and maybe different power-ups besides increased ammo, such as side lasers or shields. Spamming the enemies with seven at a time shots became boring after a while and I quit the game.

Overall, good job on a first game, but needs tweaking. Keep it up.

Nice try

You had a good idea but I think it could have been executed a lot better. The weapon ugrade system wasn't very creative, and there should have been more powerups. Above all, a poor game in my opinion.


was alright butafter you got to fire 4 or 5 shots it became too easy and all you had to do was keep hold of the fire button.

Kinda fun.

It's kinda fun, but 5 things:
1-should have stages.
2-too easy.
3-too slow.
4-a never ending game.
5-the ship can move in all directions(should be only left and right).
but for your first game, bravo!

Not bad !!

The quality is kindoff bad , but for a first game, it's alright , i liked that there were powerups, but you really should add some music.