Hungry Hungry Square

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Game is simple.

Collect the Green squares dodge the Red squares.

The flashing yellow/blue squares will give you an extra life!

Go for the top score!

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its too easy.

its way too easy. i could make it to 10 levels in 13 seconds you need to make it pause and maby ad a new brick like. a faster moving red or a sheild or maby a better avatar instead of a box outline. il give you a 2 here but 0/5


It has a lack of sound/music, gets stupidly hard early in the game, and the 1UP squares could cause seziures. think about that next time you make a game, K?

Seems lazy

This game has no sound, which almost instantly creates boredom, and there is no attempt to form a story or 'point' to playing. Another flaw is the lack of ingame instructions, although the game is easy to work out after simple and quick experimentation there is no reason not to have a quick tutorial. The gameplay is boring to look at, too simple, too plain and very easy (Before the screen is simply filled with red squares). Another hang up I have with this game - I don't know if other people are getting this - is the faulty advertisement and how it sort of starts in one place before jumping to where it is meant to be on the screen. This really needs a lot of work before it deserves any sort of rating.

Pretty Good

I recommend adding some thing to destroy a few red blocks.

Game is simple...

and it's really fun!
Hope this thing can be frontpaged :)


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2.75 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2010
4:25 AM EDT
Skill - Collect