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ASV Dress-Up #2

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Author Comments

Mix and match clothing and colors on the attractive young woman.

Left hand color buttons change color modifiers
Right hand color buttons change color offsets

I was gonna add more features, but the screen pretty crowded already. I'll have to use something fancier next time . . .

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Pretty basic dress-up game

You have made this out to be an outstanding and Professional flash submission now dont get me wrong it does have some spots here and there that could be better, but im sure you will ultimately get to that, but overall this is a good piece of flash and i was pleased to see it in its entirely, so nice effort and good job all around on this one. Not to bemean or anything but this was a pretty basic dress up, i love all the bright and cartoony color and all but it was still basic and not much stuff to really mix and match the whole click a button was kinda meh since the drag and drop seems more creative, but anyways its was your basic dress-up here. On an ending note here this was a fun flash, really enjoyed it and liked the effort you put forward making this fun and entertaining for all to enjoy, There was a few Lacking areas but those are things that can be easily cleaned up, Maybe i can elaborate more on it later, I really liked it from the start to the finish, making a good effort all around, nice job here.

And well you have a Decent flash here, It was actually pretty clever the way you did it, so i was pretty impressed with that, Some things could be Utilised better but anyways there are alot of these types but with some small fixes here and there and a few more additions, It could be much more improved, so dont be afraid to try some of the ideas out it can only make things better and much more improved. This needs more of a DRAG n DROP style, MORE ITEMS would be a big plus aswell, Besides that this was just your basic dress-up game.