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Cocoa RPG

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Well, here it is. I worked on this a while ago, and decided to finish it off and release it today. Instructions and controls are inside of the game.
TIP: O and if you go through EVERY patch of grass without your tail wagging, go back in your house and go back out again, this doesn't happen much, but this is a way to fix it. Enjoy!

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Why do you have to press enter to go outside? I tried fighting snakes, but they killed me in one hit. The graphics could be much better. You should include a mute button.

its nice

its great to see someone starting out. but to be honest.... i could do better artwork than this. still... would you mind keeping me posted if you make a new game? i love to see progress and im sure youll make some.


UGGGGHHH how do you beet the first boss you attack it then it attacks you and you die wtf?

hallaby responds:

level up, it would help you....


Interesting game. It could have even been fun. However there were some points which really detracted from the game.

1. The music. That horrible loop you really should have a place to mute that in the game.

2. The ballance of power. There is something not right about having 34 hp and picking a fight with something with 2500 hp... and then kicking its ass. Not to mention that that level is apparently completely un-needed for the game, but still, you should work on the power structure, either change how Coco levels up, change how experience is distributed or something to that effect.

3. The ballance of power part 2. In addition to the insane hit point gap there is also the ammount of damage you deal. I am still dealing 20 or so odd dammage and fighting enemies with 2-3000 hit points. That makes battles crazy long despite how easy they are (because the enemy is dealing less than 1 point damage, sometimes close to 1/10th of a point. These dynamics really need to be looked at as well..

4. The ballance of power... part 3. The bosses. The bosses are wimps. I had no incling of this as I battled up my level, only to find that I could defeat both bosses with little effort. 300 hp was a piece of cake compared to what I had previously encountered. Even though he was dealing almost 2 hp damage (

All things told the graphics were ok, the animation and style was good enough. But where this really lacked was in the dynamics of the game. In particular battles and leveling. I understand that a deal of work went into this, if you want to look into the gameplay issues great. If not, this is passable. Though I would still suggest adding a kill for the music. 3/5 6/10

hallaby responds:

if your below level 5 you wont beat the first boss and 10 the second


I just can see the work without patience. You could spend two more hours on making basic graphics and animation. And after that your submission could be much more interesting. I can't say you lost your time by making it, but you could make it better. Anyway, not bad, so keep going!