Bouncing Bob 2

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Bob is back and better than ever! Help Bob travel "UP" deep into space this time.
With new platforms, powerups and Bob coins to collect for his booster, Bob is sure to keep you very busy!

Control Bob with either the arrow keys or the mouse.
Press Z or Left click to activate Bob's boost once you have enough Bob coins. You only get to use Bob's boost 3 times, so use it wisely.

Esc to Pause

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This is an extreme fast and amazing game!
I didnt managed to play it longer than 10-15 sec (and i died)
Its really catchy and its soo fast played that you think "one more is always okay"

I agree on Totoc as you can get easily into situations where you cant do anything but dieing.

Hmm ... maybe you should give him some sort of possibility to move back a while. So that he only dies if he crashes from a hight on sth. but not when he only hits the bottom of the screen (so he can jump back a LITTLE).

But really ... i like this game 10/10 (cause its really a fast game ... you should do it for mobiles or sth. there you can play it before your bus leaves)

Tisnart responds:

Thank You for the comments!

Quote:" I agree on Totoc as you can get easily into situations where you cant do anything but dieing"

The whole purpose of Bob's boost in this game is to help Bob out in case you find yourself in trouble
I just updated this game and added some info on Bob's boost to the game (you should see this when you first play it)
Also, I tried to make sure while designing this game that you should never "get stuck". some of the platforms move Vertically or on a diangle so in certain situations you have to (wait) time your movements just right

I was thinking about doing something for the Itouch or mobile...we'll see

again, thanx for the comments

Not too bad a bad premise...

The only real problem with this game is that too often you find yourself in an "hopeless" situation, where you are unable to reach any platforms to continue.

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3.94 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2010
8:55 PM EDT
Adventure - Other