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So I made this game a while back, but I never distributed it very far. I'm kinda new on newgrounds so I thought I'd upload something to share with you guys.
People say its pretty hard, especially level 15. So good luck, you'll need it =P

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its ok

the controls are a little strange with the monkey head movement as you move the mouse around. And then the fact that the force meter starts anywhere your mouse is messes up the game for me. The base of the meter should always be set at the monkey then just click for the appropriate force. The way it is now is super annoying.

Putting your 'nuts in a wicker basket is fun!

First off, the instructions screen is gloriously straightforward. No vague, typo-ridden Engrish here, so I was immediately impressed with that.

Jungleball is a simple physics-based game in which your only goal is to get a coconut into a basket. You line up the trajectory and power of the shot, and let fly. However, things quickly become complicated by some pesky block architecture, which forces you to think like a billiards trick shooter in order to sink your 'nut in the hoop. Or you can just toss coconuts all willy-nilly and hope to get lucky, as I did on a couple levels.

Overall, Jungleball does exactly what it's supposed to, and it works perfectly. My only suggestion is the addition of an option to keep a count of your shot attempts for each level, similar to golf (but without the confusing lingo). Finally besting screen 15 is satisfying enough as it is, but having onscreen proof that you did it in less that 500 shots would make it even sweeter.

Good game bro

the physics are great and the game is addicting

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3.25 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2010
9:07 AM EDT
Skill - Toss