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Xmas Day at Doctor Who's

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EDIT: To the people who commented about the sound, I don't hear anything wrong with it. Yeah, there's a laugh track and you can't hear what most of the dialogue, but that was in the actual sketch. Sorry guys...

This was a short cartoon I made to say thanks to my watchers and friends on deviantART by making a short Doctor Who Cartoon based on a sketch on TV by a team called Dead Ringers.

This Cartoon has a couple of references to the show that I added...Like the 10th Doctor's Mug says "I hate Daleks", the 2nd Doctor is reading his "900 Year Diary", Picture of the 3rd Doctor Jon Petwee (who is my favorite Doctor) and you can also see some other TARDIS rooms in the background...

Doctor Who, Dead Ringers Copyright BBC

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Derpy: Umm... DOctor.. You have a little something on your back... -plucks the sign off-
Doctor: Thanks. Now I realize it's the OPPISITE of the REAL happenings.


you should do one of the cathrine tate show they did with tennant as a scottish english teacher and donnar's actor playing...well some crazy student.

This site needs a Doctor Who collection page.

Even though I live in Louisiana, I happed to be familiar with DW and have seen a fair share of the new episodes, but only two of the old series. With that out of the way...

In terms of visuals, I like that newspaper cartoon style that you did this in, which complemented that soundbyte that was used. On the other hand, there wasn't much in animation, but considering that this is comedy, I'll go easy on you. The sound may be a clip from the Dead Ringers, but the quality is passable. However, for future flash cartoons, you may want to consider subtitles. As for the content of the toon, it may not be original; people on NG have been making cartoons out of existing sound clips for years, but I thought that this was pretty funny. What's next, you making a cartoon that deals with the various incarnations of The Master?

What I liked:
-Good art
-Good sound quality
-Underused subject

What I didn't like:
-The filesize could have been smaller

Overall: While this did have its flaws, it is still a good effort and a nice little throwback to older flash cartoons when people weren't concerned with what a bunch of snotty ass pricks had to say. Here's an eight out of ten for you.

Moon-manUnit-42 responds:

Thank you very much! :)


this is good you do well me LOL so much



AS a DIE HARD fangirl, I HAVE to weigh in on this. It's my -DUTY-.. plus i write fanfiction for the genre, so... As soon as I can figure out how to do the -#$%Q#E$%- you guys are doin, I -WILL- be here, NYERTARDIS, StealinyerTIMELORD. wooot

Nice job! But the humour isn't tight enough for me.. i like a nice tight script. Not to mention OTHER things that are tight... like Matt and Davids' bums..

Hot damn it's good to be American.

Moon-manUnit-42 responds:

I didn't write the script, I had nothing to do with this sketch...it was originally a filmed live action sketch for a show called Dead Ringers and I just recorded the diologue and animated it. If you want to see the real sketch, search it on youtube and you'll find it. As for the Humour, it is too British...but then again, it was a sketch for a BRITISH Comdey Show. I guess Newgrounds is too American for British humour.