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Reviews for "Xmas Day at Doctor Who's"


animation was good, although the sound was a bit..odd? it's not my type of humor either but i still liked it.


Although I do agree with 'bimmyvandal' that your sounds do seem muted or otherwise off, and a great deal of it is difficult to hear. I thought it was hillarious. All of the Doctors incarnations together for Christmas. It is a bit out of season, but I am fine with that. Anyhow 2 points off for the sound, which was a bit hard to understand at times. 4/5 8/10 Keep up the good work, would love to see more Dr. Who related stuff hit newgrounds.

Too F*#%ing British.

My teeth aren't nearly crooked enough to appreciate this humor, and all the mumbling doesn't translate very well. I will give this points though, cuz the art and animation is quite decent.