Fleet Command

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Use tactics and strategy to defeat the enemy in battle.

Unlock new ships and special attacks as the war progresses.

Earn upgrade points by winning battles and spend them on upgrading your ships or on special unlock-able bonuses.


good distraction, to easy, and slightly buggy

it was fun while it lasted, having to leave in the middle of it to find I have to restart the whole thing was VERY annoying, however considering I beat the whole game in I'd say around 20 minutes... not exactly long enough to -need- a save feature (though would still be welcome)

also, I did find what appeared to be a bug of some sort with the outposts. for some reason I found (especially with fighters, though may just be coincidence) that they would hang around inside the outpost. they wouldn't count towards being in the outpost so I couldn't tell them to go forward. however they wouldn't go any further either even though there was absolutely no enemy near them. might want to look into that... these problems however was fairly non game altering/ didn't happen all the time (they would be in range already anyway 80% of the time) so only 1 star off for this.

---- note, spoilers beyond this point ----
(for those who want to find how to beat it on there own skip the rest of the review)

one of the things I found with this game however, (and this doubles as a hint for anyone who is having trouble with the game)
the blue non-attack cloud is VERY overpowered. coupled with the enhanced 'poison' cloud I was able to VERY easily beat the enemy everytime only a handful of units past my starting ships (in fact battleships never died) by simply locking all outposts, using a green cloud to vaporize 90% of all enemy forces who would cluster up (nuke and rockets would take care of rest) then as my forces were approaching I would simply lock down the right side with EMP cloud and a fighter or 2 would stride right by. the cruiser and up reinforcements would stay back behind the screen enough because there trying to fire at the the fighter, but the fighters would go continue going forward since there still out of range... however the enemy couldn't fire to actually kill the fighters since they were still inside the blue cloud. fighters would be affected as well technically... but at this point they already reached the edge of the map resulting in instant win.

leaving me somewhat bewildered. here is an army that just lost because a lone fighter went past probably enough firepower to kill everything I had, simply because it had a shorter range then the rest of the ships and so actually went far enough to trigger the 'win game'. in the future, 1 thing I might suggest is a seperate win condition, like for the last level perhaps the enemy could have a set amount number of ships? another fix might simply to have the ships spawn on the edge of the map, instead of behind as they seem to do now...

Good,few refining touches

A pause button as well as a save game feature are definitely needed.
Upgrade system doesnt explain itself perfectly,obviously you can figure it out,but its nicer to have it explained.
Would like an easier way to scroll the map,maybe a key that automatically goes to the far end of both sides.
A mars campaign perhaps?
And more units,its space!why would we have 4 ships only?

good game though,fun to play,nice job

It's okay.

This is an okay game, but it's nothing really that special.
I have seen similar games to this to many times, I do however like the idea of the whole "shield" part. It was a good idea and nice way to defend your base and build up your units. I could not find any bugs so far but I do however suggest improving these things

1. The music is very repetitive and can be a little dry.
2. The actual upgrade system seems a little... unexplained? You should have some form of stats on the ships showing how much each upgrade improves it so people know if it is worth getting or not.
3. More actual units for the player to use, It seems like there is just some missing.

Overall it's worth a play but not the best game in the world.


All in all, the game was one of the best I've seen lately. It worked well, with no bugs that I saw. The tech tree was both intuitive and had noticeable game advantages. The actual gameplay was just as east to understand. Really, I only have a couple of suggestions.

1. A larger screen or a mini map.
2. A way to set behavior. For example, a way to auto bypass a base.

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MarkSponge responds:

Thanks for the feedback. You can actually auto bypass a base by clicking on the open button and it changes it to locked, which will stop any new ships entering the bases.

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3.31 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2010
3:22 AM EDT
Strategy - Other