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RPG Battle Engine V2.0

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Author Comments

After almost five years, I decided to update my original engine. This was built from the ground up and has lots of room from improvement. Please keep in mind that this is only a demonstration and I am looking for feedback on what can be improved and any bugs you may encounter. Thanks for playing!

*UPDATE 8/3/10*

I've been tweaking the system based on your reviews. I want to thank everyone for their constructive criticism! I have made the following changes:

*Increased the overall size of the movie. This way everything doesn't feel as cluttered.
*Slowed down the frequency of the enemies attacks. The fight seems to be a bit more fair.

*UPDATE 4/19/12*

Completely rewrote the battle system from the ground up. The system now resembles most modern MMORPG's. Also added a movement/collision detection feature. Please bear in mind that the system is still considered a proof of concept and there are no actual objectives to the game.

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1/5 need a storyline and quest button, some features.

I love it.

I think the HUD is really nice. Everything looks well developed and the only problem I have is that the enemy can attack before you because of how you have to pick your actions. Now, perhaps if the enemy bar is a little slower or something like that, I dunno, I think it should be larger for a slower enemy. If the enemy is huge and slow then it should be slow. Just to make it easier for the player...

I really hope you finish this because it looks really nice. Very clean looking and I think it is a good size for the screen. To me everything looks new and just appealing. Good job.

Good, but needs Improvements.

Understanding that this is a demo, I won't comment on the lack of features/abilitys. I have 2 main problems with this engine, the first is that the enemy is able to attack much faster than the player due to the fact that the player needs to select their move after the bar fills. This isn't a large issue in this demo, but I imagine in a large scale RPG this would hinder the player alot when selecting through a large amount of aqquired spells and abilities. A simple fix for this would be to have the action pause when a character is ready to attack. My other problem is the HUD, It's very lare and takes up more that half of the game screen. Theres no simple solution to this, but I reccomend looking at other turn based RPGs and seeing how they present the HUD.

Good luck and I hope you try to make a full size game from this.

I enjoyed it

I definateley thought it was fun and well designed. no bugs...at least what I saw.

My only thing is I've seen this alot in the past and would like to see something more original...but then again what works works right?

good job

It felt biased towards the CPU.

My only problem is that I felt the system is a little hard to play with.
The fact that the enemy's action bar kept loading even when I was choosing my actions felt almost right, even though a little biased sinc the CPU not only attack faster, it does not waste it's time choosing attacks, but I felt that was okay, since it made me think and act quickly. What really made me think otherwise was imagining a fight involving a 4-member player party squaring off against four enemies, and that is when this engine would make a fight very, very hard. If that is what you're going for or you have a way in mind to solve this please disregard my criticism.