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Event Tutorial

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I hadn't seen this on Newgrounds before so I figured I would make a one for the public. Please do not copy everything I did.
EDIT: I know people are gonna tell me that my code is wrong. I did that on purpose. I want people to learn the code not just copy it. So, If you just copied it word for word, Most likely It will not work. Analyze the code and fix the implanted errors.

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i liked the way you were trying to teach people new things. the music was awesome i liked the back round but ah i was wonder if you could teach me how to make a flash game and how to make a movie and what to download to make it any way loved this tutorial.


I don't need the tutorial, but it's nice and well made.

Left4DeathInFire responds:


it's not so great

the text is all over the screen and very confusing and hard to follow along. the background is sickening how it changes colour all the time, it very distracting when you are trying to think. there's no navigation menu, so you can't find sections that you want to redo because it was confusing or whatever. The tutorial's probably had some good stuff in it, but it's really hard to implement it into your game.

what it needs

-better layout, not so confusing
-better background that doesn't change colours as to be less distracting
-a navigational menu, for example a page where you can click buttons to jump to different sections of the tutorial, including extras or whatever.

it needs a lot of work

Left4DeathInFire responds:

Thanks for the Feedback.

stop stalling

and create chao pc, no offense but we dont need tutorials, we have way too many of them, please no more tutorials. put ur experiance into making flashes.

Left4DeathInFire responds:

Look at my News. I was just trying to help people out because I hadn't seen it on Newgrounds before.

not bad

not bad in fact but...