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Oil Spill Escape

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Author Comments

Up Arrow - Move fish up.
Down Arrow - Move fish down.
Space - Used only in menu.

The idea for "Oil Spill Escape" came to me as a result of all the news about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico these past few months.

You play as a fish trying to escape a giant ploom of oil headed your way. You also must avoid any obstacles in your way and must keep up your energy by chowing down on some of the smaller fish.

If you hit into a rock or run out of speed, the game ends and you have an opportunity to submit your score.

How long can you last?

My site: http://ForTheLoss.org.

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Dang oil spill!

I can always count on Newgrounds to give us some satire or at least a game that features modern problems. I was impressed by how well it flowed. I was not even aware that I was not able to advance past the rocks as I kept thinking I could just go over them. I liked when I could just locate where the next space between the rocks was there and sort of "walk" along that part. The music is pleasant and seems to be unfitting. It looks as though by now they have finally put that cap on it, too.


I loved how this relates to the oil spill in, Mexico? I dunno. I wanna add the real review before I comment any farther. Now, lets start, shall we?

Starting Rating: 5

Great graphics, like the rocks. (1+)
lol captions. (1+)
Sometimes when the oil gets close, it starts making you feel frantic, which, in often times, is a good thing. (1+)
Great relation to the oil spill in Mexico (Just found out. 1+)

Duh... does it have to be arrow key only? Add mouse control plz. (-1)
You always drop when you don't do anything. PM me if it needs to do that, because I'm not entirely sure. (???)

The Verdict:
Not EVERY game can be perfect, but many are very good. You are one of they who are the ones that made great games. A few minor tweaks should do the trick. :)

Rating: 8/10, 4/5. (May change if you PM me.)

P.S. I like pie. Yeah, completly off topic. :(

ForTheLoss responds:

I see alot of people wanting mouse control, I never though of that when I was making the game, but I guess it does seem like a good addition.

Also, yes, the fish does drop when you're doing nothing, slight gravity effect. It makes the game more difficult or else I feel the game would be too easy.

Thanks for the review!

I was hungry

This was a great game dude, and I found myself eating the fish more that actually going for meter. Nice work dude!

ForTheLoss responds:

Haha, yeah, that might happen sometimes. Thanks!

Good... but a bit too challenging.

It is a good time waster, but I do feel it is a bit too hard. Maybe you could make it a mouse controlled game? Anyway, the challenge would be okay except that nothing ever changes... it's the same thing, no suprises.

Great cause!

ForTheLoss responds:

Well, yeah, it's a simple time waster like you said. Very reminiscent of the classic "Helicopter Game" and other fun games like "The Flood Runner", nothing fancy, just some addictive endurance fun.

Thanks for the review, though!

fun addicting

not much more to say the rocks got annoying and i didn't nrelize the fish did until i read the discription, but still fun!

ForTheLoss responds:

How did you miss the "READ THIS STUFF HERE"?!!?!