Halo Galaxies 2

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Ok, so here it is. I revamped version of Halo Galaxies 2; with less bugs, less clunky controls and in general less confusion! The problem was I didn't fix the bugs straight away so my brain just got accustomed to them, and I didn't see the problems as bugs.

As I said, no two missions are the same which makes it all the more fun with no repetition. Play through the missions unlocking stars according to performance. The more stars you unlock, the more missions you can play. My favourite mission is definitely the last: Talk about going out with a bang!

My favourite mode. Start off at the very bottom with the weakest hornet you could imagine. Unlock achievements with your heap of junk and unlock brand spanking new parts. Collect money from your dead enemies and then splash the cash to upgrade your newly unlocked parts. With skulls to make it even more challenging; it's a survival game with twist.

Sorry for the double upload but their are significant changes which shouldn't go un-noticed. That said, thanks for playing again, and enjoy it eve more.


thanks for making a fan game also if you make halo galixies 3 can you make it online co-op play up to 4 player but still keep the local play up to 4 players too and also make ground missions too thanks for making a addictive game

you should make it to where the banshes actualy try to hit u instead of justflying in strait line way too easy

Very good, game just needs fixing a bit

this game is very good, as it has several differetn features, and on free play mode you can buy new ship parts etc. I find this very cool as i can play it over and over again to unlock them all. Good game just need to fix glitches ;) 9/10

Fun but

This game is fun and I'm glad you added various levels, but the last mission is annoying. You will try to make it through a gap that appears big enough but then it glitches you stuck in it. Anyways it's still a great game. Need to go back and fix the scarab, it doesn't attack back.

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a very diverse game. i like that, but dont u think the weapon spread is a little ridiculous?

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3.69 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2010
7:57 AM EDT
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