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Defeat the fire monsters that have invaded the world by shooting waterballs at them in this retro-styled platform game!

I have used a NES colour palette to give the game a more retro feeling. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did making it.

Use the arrow keys to move, up arrow to jump and space to shoot. Use + and - to turn the volume up and down. You can return to the menu by pressing 'm'.

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ive got a w-w-w-w-wooden spoon

cool game ^^ and im assuming you put a few mario elements in the game purposely, so props for that.

To everyone who claims its like SMB

Of course it has SMB elements...that's because it's the most recognizable platformer. This game is really well done. The final boss has a really weird difficulty curve; surprisingly harder than the rest. It was very well done overall, no complaints other than the last boss. Keep up the good work!

Has roots in SMB

A nice little game that, much like the aforementioned Super Mario Brothers, I lack the skill to complete. Still, I shan't let that hold me back.

The main difference between this and the interface for Super Mario Brothers is that you can go backwards - in the Nintendo series, you can only move forwards and once something falls off the left of the screen, you can't go back and see it again. Personally, I like this and wouldn't ask you to change this, though some purists might.

How are you supposed to get up to the additional life points that seem out of reach? I cannot find a way to get these, nor the coins surrounding them, which is annoying. Perhaps it is my lack of experience with these side scrolling platformers that causes me this issue, but I shouldn't complain, unless it is a programming issue.

I liked the quirky graphics and would have appreciated some plot to start the story and perhaps act as a bridge between worlds, just to flesh it out a little. The game is good, but something to bring it all together would have been a really nice addition.

[Review Request Club]

kcnh responds:

The additional life points are reachable if you jump on a shelled turtle, a turtle will retreat in its shell if you shoot a waterball at it. Thank you very much for your review.

Very fun

Like all 8-bit games. I wouldn't expect cutting edge graphics, orchestrated sound, or super responsive gameplay, so for an 8-bit game... AMAZING!!

Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2010
7:40 AM EDT

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