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Monolith Guardians

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-Monolith Guardian-

In a future ravaged by a criminalized gang of evil space confederacies your mission is to get out alive so you can warn earth of the impending danger?

Use your mouse to aim and shoot
Hold down the mouse to enter "Rage Mode"
Space to pause
M to mute

Developed by: Christopher Gregorio
Art By: Keepwalking & kamikaye
Music By: Nemesis Theory
Sponsored By: Agitated Ferret

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Cool moves man, nice job. Sneaky gangsters were punished!
Do I get an Intergalactic Cellphone / Handy for completing the game? :) ;)

It was fun at lvl 24
Then got boring so i quite, it would be good if you had trophies
But its just awards
So its a good game but more upgrades, por favor

Simplistic concept(retro style), excellent game.
@mechanikilla your game is lagging because of the enemies, projectiles and the occasional debris when you're killing your enemies too slowly.

I have absolutely no complaints other than the fact that the spawn areas are sometimes unfair, though can be managed sometimes.
The music is thought-provoking and exciting simultaneously, no annoying cuts or replays that's really good. I'm surprised at how long the loop really was. While playing, I reself-taught myself several life lessons which at first seemed "just tips on how to play this game better". Such advice includes "go with the flow":you will hit your enemy with more accuracy and power by flying at the same speed as your projectiles, and tracking where your enemy(ies) are bouncing away. I like the mental note that if the enemy's velocity speeds up, they are likely on low hp. "strength in#s'" definately applied here, never underestimate your enemies just because they don't have any primary attacks other than being a space goomba, they will indeed, fill-the-screen which obviously makes it harder to survive. That is why you have to spend your currency wisely, everyone has different strengths so I will move right along. Back to the no projectiles, it is in fact okay to camp, you "divide and conquer" if they don't coware into a vertical huddle(your attack range) so the multi-shot will pick them off easily. So, yes you do indeed have to attack fast and hard while collecting money to upgrade of course, to beat future lvls faster, through if you keep farming on the easy lvls, you won't get anywhere, which I hope Noone really has done..nonetheless work hard and play easy(if you wanna farm then just shoot their projectiles). etc Oh and when you're angry you do seem to think backwards :D
Sorry for not reeding all the lvl desp.s' surely there's humor in there somewhere
Seriously amazing execution, I've finally found a vertical scroller with knockback physics! Finally.

pretty basic for one of these games but it can lagg real well with all the debree falling from enemies and with how many enemies can be in the field but next time id recomend audio/ visual settings (quality, music, game) etc

Ma impara a farli i giochi eccheccazzo! Ma i nemici invisibili che minchia mi rappresentano, vaffanculo! Ma vai a morire ammazzato!