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gun attachments m9

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!!EDIT!! i have added 2 more songs to the music player. i would have added more but this has turned into a big file. i will work on the playable features soon enough.

!!EDIT!! as soon as i uploaded it i realised the game didn't have a preloader but now i have put one in so phew. also take a closer look at your gun. it should say your name on it!!

!!NOTE!! i haven't put a pre-loader on this and i think it needs it so i don't know. if it does, PM me or mention it in a review or somethin'. i drew the m9 in game. it isn't amazing but it's good enough. click the question mark for a secret area. i think the only reason why this is so big is because of the music player. it isn't amazing quality but oh well. anyway thanks for playin, dude!

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its ok I would add some more things

could be better

You should add more parts to customize and it will be great if I can play mini game or shoot some target with it.

blokeyboboy13 responds:

i am working on a first person target shooting minigame for it, but it's gonna take a while and i might have to make skins exept for the default un-useable. but i'll see.

I just want you to add something...

There should be an option where you can play with your gun after. Oh, yeah, forgot to add the real review, sorry.

Starting Number: 5

The graphics look amazing, like the gun as an example. (1+)
Interaction 1/2: How you make the gun to your liking is great, adding almost everything makes an awesome gun. (2+)
Captions made me lol. (1+)

There are only 2 songs to choose from. 2. (-1)
There's no place where you can use your awesome gun. Well, that sucks. (-1)
Interaction 2/2: There isn't any actual gameplay, more like dressing up your gun. (-1)

The Verdict:
The game standing alone here isn't that great, but at least it's something. There are many spots to improve, but I'm just gonna give you a 6. You did, okay I guess. Its still good though.

Rating: 6/10, 3/5.

blokeyboboy13 responds:

thanks. this is really helpful. i will work on making your gun playable. it will take some time, but it will be done. i am also adding new songs aswell as someone requested so i will do that.


ive never seen an m9 with an red dot, acog and a scope at the time lol^^


its a good idea but does need more to it.. and god please add more music lol.. i found the easter egg. that was kinda ok. weird thing is that the time u had 9:11 is the time i always end up seeing.. freaky or what?? but just add a lil more to it and i would say its very good 3/5 5/10

blokeyboboy13 responds:

thanks. i will make a second one inwhich you will probably have a choice of weapon with more attachments and stuff. thanks