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The Jumper 3

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Jumper's adventures go on. This time he must stop mad Locust King and his countless Locust Guild. Will our hero endure this? It's only up to you!

Take to the skies as the Jumper and put a stop to this nefarious gang!

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Quite good.

But you could work on the tutorial - I think it's glitched.

Because when I try pressing the buttons displayed on the "boss battle" sequence, nothing happens.

You earn a 5/5 for the MDKesque gameplay.

Mediocre at best.

The concept is cool, but it's repetitive. You're falling through the air dodging debris, then on the next level it's the same stuff. It would be a lot better if things changed up a bit.

Its OK

I Found The Layout Quite Confusing And A Few Of The Buttons Were Muddled Up.
Though, I Do Think This Game Should Be Allowed.

Great graphics

However, the gameplay gets quite repetitive. The minigames help a little in that respect, but there's just too little going on, and hitting the right buttons in time is too easy, to make it really interesting.

Controls were ok overall, although sometimes they were unresponsive. The arrow keys didn't work when I was at the edge of the screen sometimes. At the bonus rings level nothing worked.

I also encountered a glitch when I played the first level for the first time. After I hit the second hive instead of getting hive minigame there was a bit where I was falling (2D) down a gray screen, not able to move.

Nice game!

Very nice animations and fun gameplay! Great work!