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Antivirus Nano

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Try to kill enemies as possible as you can and beat all levels for fun =]

I will release anti-virus nano 2 HD. It has bigger screen, more fun/new weapons, more new enemies, infinite waves and upgrades.

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simple and addicting game very addicting.
my score 217766

gameblocks responds:

I will release anti-virus nano 2 HD. It has bigger screen, more fun/new weapons, more new enemies, infinite waves and upgrades =]


It's pretty fun for it's simplicity. Starts off easy then gets harder as more enemies are introduced.
Very nicely put together though the inclusion of upgrades or rewards for kill streaks and the like would be nice.
Didn't kill the game though, as it's still rather enjoyable.

Pure awesomeness

It was almost perfect, it only needs some upgrade system. Aside from that, it just awesome.


I was actually really impressed by the fact that this game is so simple in nature, and yet to much fun. I really quite enjoyed the pacing of the game as it gets more difficult as you proceed. The three enemies I managed to survive long enough to encounter were great types to have and kept me busy. At first, I simply could sit in the corner and shoot, giving me the impression that it was too easy. Then the purple guys came along and killed that strategy. Then the slow moving greens started coming

All round great fun. The graphics aren't bad either.

Bullet time was a great inclusion for those tough situations, but one thing I didn't quite like was the lack of different killstreak messages. It would have been better if there was more variety in that aspect and would add a little more humour.

Great sound quality, the explosions never seemed to get old for me. The only problem is the frequency of them causing overlap issues. To be expected, and didn't take away anything from the overall quality.

All in all, great job for amusing me the past twenty five minutes

Very nice

At first i thought this was gonna be a really easy game at first but then the purple things started coming and I didn't last much longer after that...
The sound effects were nice but adding music could be good. A little techno never killed anyone