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Save The Egg

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-Save The Egg-

You're an egg
Blocks are falling from the sky
Nothing is out of the ordinary

Use the arrow keys to move and avoid these falling blocks, if you get hit you will obviously explode and die.

Developed by: Christopher Gregorio
Art By: Kamikaye & Aaron Perez
Music By: Nemesis Theory
Sponsored By: Agitated Ferret

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Meh, kind of boring, it would be cooler and harder if the blocks didn't disappear


The physics need improvement, and it sucks that you die by touching the bottom of a block which is still in mid-air. I got a pretty high score, but this game can be better.

Besides, I would've liked it more when you played a real egg, without the feet and stuff. Just have an egg jumping around, without the feet.

Again one major flaw D:

I can't say that i enjoy the game because of one thing, you die by touching the blocks instead of being squashed, many other games are made in such a way that you can hit the block to be sure to land on top of the other, here, the bottom is insta kill.

haha cool

133 blocks haha love it

Not bad

Great music, beautiful art, but the physics are VERY touchy and not very smooth plus the game is only entertaining for about 5-10 minutes.

I managed to dodge about 175 blocks. It was kinda fun at first and I wanted to see if the little egg would survive if I could dodge enough blocks, but really it just got boring after a short while.

Credits & Info

4.09 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2010
3:14 AM EDT