Waterfalls 2

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Hi, all!

Use mouse to drag and drop "forces" and guide the flow to fill all the containers.
Explore, how different forces change the direction of the flow and complete 15 levels!

Note: the game is very sensitive to the computer's resources, so it may work slow in some browsers. Be sure your flash player is updated.

I hope you'll enjoy my new game. Thanks!


Doesn't work

New game doesn't work - but if i click load game it goes to a tutorial thing but the stream never comes. Seems like it would be an interesting puzzle game, but I cannot play it >_<


This is a great game I would suggest it to anyone without brain damage play it or else

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Very beautiful

Such a simple concept, but the stunning mixture of colours and the physics applied, the music, all make this a very visually and atmospherically beautiful game. I absolutely loved it.

Just that it was way too short. There's a lot of potential in this game and a lot more levels could be designed. Maybe making player-made levels available and a level editing function, as well as other kind of forces (like maybe one that disperses particles in all directions, a reflecting screen that you can drag around, the possibilities are endless!) would be good additions. Don't leave this as the end, there's so much more to do ;)

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it wont load it just goes to a gray screen

Good job!

The game is very much awesome. It combines challenge and creativity, which equals great fun. The graphics and look of it help accustom the gameplay. But, there was this one game, much like this, but when it hit the circles, it would play music.
This game earns its 10 stars, and a WOOT!!! All my 5 r belong to this!

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4.03 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2010
4:06 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other