space blaster demo V2

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Ok, this is my FIRST proper Flash production, YES I KNOW! theres no sound, and you're invincible, but i hope to have a ship select screen, level select, cheats, bosses, and upgrades. Please dont just go straight in and slag it... Its my first real attempt at a game, but please, tell me what you think.

CONTROLS! ======= Move = Keys
Fire = Control

Sorry, I forgot to enter that!



no actual change to coding, But it is easier on the eyes visually, now, gives you something to look at.
What do you think?

PS. I DID NOT COPY THIS FROM FLASH KIT... Yes I learned from it, and got the idea from it.. BUT I DID NOT NOPY NOR HAVE I EVER COPIED! so dont send me messages saying i did!

thank you



I got like 20k points off of one enemy by backing up and pumping him full of shots! plus, there's no end to the level, and no powerups.

not bad

good start. More than i could do. It has possobility. you can fire at an object forever and it will still give you points untill you move off it.

well..... I'm disapointed

this could be a good game if you added some sounds and all the stuff you plan to put in it. I say you should of held the game until it was done.

you need to learn something

that is - explain shit about your games, man!
on kill frenzy i had no idea at all, and on this how the hell do you get new ships and weapons???

An arcade game without the arcade...

That was a very good first attempt (yours has stayed on Newgrounds; mine was blammed) but maybe you could add some sound and make it so that when you fly into the enemy you actually die or something as such. All in all, very good first attempt whichcould be greatly improved with a little more experience.

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2.68 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2002
2:51 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight