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Build clever structures to hold off the mad bombs and save sailors and their ships.

A physics based puzzle game. Tell me what you think of it.

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Nice effort

But a few problems:

1- Physics is way too confusing: it's hard to understand when a rope will break or not for one. Another problem is the little movements keeping levels from being over and making you go back to the assembly.

2- The rum barrel has really very limited use and tends to disappear from the construction menu.

3- Budget! Even you went over budget in the last level of your walkthrough. I understand keeping construction limited adds to the challenge, but is it possible (only complaining about lvl 30 though)

4- I agree that it would be nice for the bomb to actually do something on deck. It's ok though.

Nice little puzzle, kept me busy for a while.

3/5 7/10

A good start.

This is a good start, but it needs some additional polish before it can be truely good. For instance while the objective is clearly to stop the bomb from reaching the sailors on deck, the bomb never actually explodes for any reason. It should explode both when it touches the deck, and when the ticking timer runs out when you are successful. A non-exploding bomb isn't very threatening. Also you never explained that I could not build an unlimited number of objects beforehand, you should mention that and point out the coin count. Finally you should make it so that you cannot place objects where they would overlap with one another, otherwise you can build structres that sort of "bloom outward" to the first correct space when the level starts.


But it needs a time limit to a win... On Lvl 10 i set up something that there was no physically possible way for the bomb to touch the deck... But the structure kept bouncing there for not letting me win... But it was good other wise...

nice concept..

especially since not everything has to be very precise, so there's an element of freedom. I did have a problem on the third level, though. When I press start, the whole construction (including the pre-set elements) falls down. It shows there are two attachment rings underneath, but I can't attach anything to them.

could be good

It could be good, but there are too much inconsistencies:
- during the building phase, there is nothing that prevents one to put an objet in a place where it could not be.. this results in buildings that are actually not buildings, as the objects move into a possible place when we press start
- the way rope will break is far from being intuitive, and so we have a random result, only trial and error

I would suggest to work on the physics and to block the zones where one cannot build.

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3.59 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2010
10:32 AM EDT
Puzzles - Falling