Templar Secret

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Thanks for playing:)


Found a cheat

All I had to do was keep opening the right click menu, selecting play and soon I managed to escape.

Not that great...

Sorry, but its pretty boring. No music, oddly placed sound effects, bad looking visuals, poor quality pictures... The list goes on. This could have been good, but fails miserably. The quote at the beginning desperately needs a translation in-game, or at least in the author comments. Add a time mechanic too, to increase replay value.

Did it!

Good game


Thanks! 10/10, there should be more ofter that great escape games.

to sinfulwolf - It just seems you are not the biggest point and click fan:)


My issues with this game aren't in the graphics or the puzzles, but instead in that fact that it seems so very pontless. Players are dropped in a hallway with no explanation except for a Latin blurb at the start (of which there is no translation, and internet translators are unavailable).

I'll admit, I didn't go through the whole thing because the puzzles seemed pulled out of no where. There's no clues or hints as to what your supposed to do, your guy is just supposed to know to turn around pull a bar out of a torch sconce and put it in the floor to unlock pictures on either side of him so he can push them out of the way and start plugging in buttons. There's nothing really intelligent about that, there's no hints, no story just "Go do this shit".

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2.67 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2010
9:40 AM EDT
Adventure - Other