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Tunnel Run

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This is probably my first game that is actually done, although I feel like I could use a few more themes. Anyway, aim to be the best on the leader-boards, here's a full description of the game.

Play as a ship escaping through a tunnel! Use your skills and lightning fast reflexes to evade upcoming tunnel walls as your speed increases. Buy themes in the shop to play as different objects or creatures! Buy modifiers to increase your score and become the best player on the leader-boards! Or use your skill in a game without modifiers to get the highest base score!

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Fun game!

This is a cool little game to play for quick bursts. It's cute, simple and just fun. Only problem is the ads, but here's a protip for you guys:

Disconnect from the internet while you play. This is especially easy if your computer is like mine and has the little antenna button that switches internet on and off. If you aren't connected to the internet, there's no ads.

Great, 2 bugs though.

One, the faster you go, there seems to be more gaps.

Two, the blackness pushed me to the side to the point where there was no room to actually survive.

get a sponsor!!!

Worth for exclusive sponsorship!! congrat!!!

AwesomeTurtwig responds:

Not sure what me, but thanks I guess.

Very Nice game

like the graphics, don't like ads. I think the music is ok, I have theme suggestions though! Pirate Ship, Swimmer, Jet, Goku or any other DBZ character (Major chr only plz), Super Man, Maybe a sequle with a wider area for more point and level possibilities. More Suggestions! Falling Star, UFO, Gundam Mechazoid. Niravash From Eureka 7 ^^ <---- personal fav I know I'm asking a lot with it but I would like to see a legit character of this, maybe you could get some help with other game makers and have this be a colaberation effort. If you don't know what to say to them, you can use my review as a suggestion box for them to maybe work on.

AwesomeTurtwig responds:

I do like pirate ship and UFO. DBZ characters would be awesome, but I'm trying not to use copyrighted stuff.

Great Fun

This is awesome.

Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2010
10:13 AM EDT