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Forest of Echoes

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I like it.

I agree it is similar to Company of Myself. Still, every game these days will seem similar to one another. All in all I liked the game. I liked the graphics, music and controls.

Better than Company of Myself? I don't think so

I do not care much for the story line, the graphics are not as good as Company of Myself, and no one really cares aboot goblins. Minus 50 for being a bad game. This game does not seem interesting, and it doesn't seem fair to deem a review useless just because the critic does not like anything aboot the game. If they give reasons why, then that should be useful in preventing people from wasting there time here.

Great game!

For all those complaining the game's bad because it reminds you of company of myself, grow up. That's a good thing. I like company of myself and i like this.

Forest has better graphics, more challenging puzzles, and new ideas.


ripped-off company of myself.
I very much dislike the graphics as well the mix between pixel art and well NOT-pixel art looks terrible.

no points for originallty mybe one for graphics nothing speciel about the gameplay but still it has SOME work in it so ill give it 3 just for the workput in to it...


Very simular playstyle to Company of Myself. Makes me want to play it less.