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Capture the Ball

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Capture the Balls

The object of each level is to find and capture the required amount of colored balls before the timer runs out
Use your ball catcher to capture each ball by clicking on it.

Now that shouldn't be to hard.......Right?.

Tips: Use the Z key to hide/show the mouse
Use the X key to restart a level
Esc to Quit

Click to begin

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buen juego clickteam jejeje

GREATE Game!!!

This game is really entertaining.
Too bad, that it has only 50 lvl ... its really fun and as nearly every level is different from the one before you dont get bored!
Music is nice as well.
And your texts are amusing :D
Found nothing to blame (i only guess that those arent your graphics? I dont know ... but it REALLY doesn't matter, cause those graphics arent that special and everything fits perfect - the only thing i was wandering now ... why the door at the entrance? (ok ... you got me with that joke ... but ... there was no story, around this door (And thx for no story like "You got into a tower ... bla bla bla ..." we know, that NOBODY would get into a tower to fix problems like those xD).

Anyway ... great game! Like it !

Tisnart responds:

Thank you Cuna,
Much appreciated!

VERY FUN. Good time waster!

4/5, 8/10.

One thing i noticed and i didn't see anyone else say anything about it. The text from the previous level on occasion seemed to overlap the next level's text making it impossible to read what you needed to do for the next level.
On the levels where you are running almost identacle colors, like orange/red, yellow/gold, (and it may be my computer) but i clicked the yellow ball only to have it say i clicked the wrong one. it can be a little confusing. I'm not saying make it easy, but often times it's really hard to tell the two colors apart.

Other than that, you've got an awesome game here.

Keep it up!

Tisnart responds:

Thank you kingwayner.
I have updated the game and I believe I have addressed the bugs people have reported.
I added some music (you can turn this off if required)
I added a leader board
I added a mini- multi colored ball to give you extra points
I also added a feature that if you click on the wrong required colored ball you now lose 5 points
Please let me know if anybody else notices any bugs

A few of the levels

As Previously stated, level 36 is glitchy, somehow I passed it and got to level 37. I clicked somewhere random the left side after it said I failed and i moved on.
I did, however like the game. Great point to it.

Buggy, but great.

As the first 2 reviewers said, level 35 and 36 are glitchy to the point where you can't click the balls, ever. Fix this and you got a great time waster, and a good game.