Shore Acres 2

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Ay! More RPG/Scavenger Hunt kinda hoorah...hope yall dig. Brian's in Hawaii and it's you job to find out where the party is at. There's a help section if you get stuck anywhere.

HOW TO GET PAST THE SHARKS: If you hold any arrow for too long, it's not gonna work. You TAP the arrow KEY that shows up in the sharks mouth ONCE when it gets in the safety bar (it'll say "click!" when you need to tap the appropriate arrow key.)....then the next one will come. Do the same thing again.

If ya dig this...be ready for Ben Spurgin's Pimp's Quest on July 20th!

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Wow. I really can't vouch for graphics that are a dozen years old but you've got a hell of a game here. Some font choices and coloring were pretty poor regardless of system capabilities, and the music got pretty repetitive at times, but you have a great concept.

The inventory is nice and limited - makes a short game like this easier. I think it's interesting that you have areas and sub-areas accessed through clicking things on the landscape. Some of the animations really help ease one area into another and give this Flash an extra layer of polish. Overall I really liked this, though I got totally stuck with the vending machine and soda - I wouldn't have thought to acquire soda without having money first. The storyline is tacky but I have a lot of respect for what you accomplished using such an old version of Flash.

Great game just like the first one. Love the gameplay and the soundtrack.
overall a Newgrounds classic...still waiting on the third one man whats taking so long lol

I'm not a fan of point and click adventure games that much, but this wasn't that bad. I did, however, not like some of the graphics. It does seems far too dated with the coloring of the flowers. I still have to admit it's impressive when I manage to get far anywhere with a game like this. I got the golden flower, although it didn't do anything right away. The music was quite nice and nicely suited.

Did you work with Ben Spurgin? He was a talented guy and it's too bad he passed away. There were still some pretty unique designs in this game. You do need to improve on lines, though. I got used to the different locations.

Still rocks in our day and age.

It's games like this that exhibit the true essence of adventure games. I never played this when it was released, but it is ten times better than many games similar to it today. First off, I have to say that your taste in music is superior. I love Basket Case by Green Day, Alive by Pearl Jam, Volcano by Jimmy Buffett, and the Pina Colada song by Rupert Holmes. I recognized them all immediately, they were perfect in the jet ski scenes and the ending. They made the game even more enjoyable for me.

If anyone downgrades this game because the animation wasn't too great, they need to learn to grade by content, because this game had an awesome plot. The concept was so simple, and I thought everyone of the solutions made sense. The Dr Pepper one was confusing, but if anything it added to the humor. The shark minigame took me a while to get used to, but it was really fun. Overall, a great game, one that truly cannot be missed. I'm going to play the first one right now. Keep up the excellent work!


you need walkthrough check out this vid:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeOp0T JmeVA

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3.65 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2002
12:39 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click