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Experimental Maze

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Author Comments

This is an experimental maze. Each possible choice is represented by a character, usually a number. When you finish, you will be taken back to the (SPACE) image. Since it is experimental in nature, it may be a little rough around the edges, and is probably not challenging enough to be really exciting. Please let me know if there are any bugs. There is no audio. It may be boring. Hopefully I can polish it a little and make it more challenging and fun in the future.
I appreciate all of your comments!
I will update the maze soon. Hopefully it will be more enjoyable.

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I see...

I figured out, for the most part, that pattern here.

Spoiler, combined with bug:

When you get to the room with the 8(And I believe, a 5 and 2), with 8's on three of the walls, The "8" Takes you to a combination of several different style rooms that, not only can I not find the pattern to, but I can't find a way out of.

This goes in conjunction with what 'Spazzman37' said, with the exception that I could go on, just not get back to the other areas. Perhaps this is meaningfull, but if not, then it's important.

Apart from that, it is fairly addicting, and certainly a new style. Like I said, i still haven't found the pattern of the yellow rooms if there are any. I just recently found another path I might go back and check. A few simple things.

You did mention it, but this game might be 200 Percent better with fitting music, perhaps even music that changed from room to room? I know this would bump up the file size, but it may be worth it (The room to room music isn't necessary)

While you do have a bit of variation in different rooms, for all intents and purposes, it's the same kinda room. Different colors makes it a lot better than without, but if you could find other things, like maybe galaxy backgrounds or something, it'd be cool too. So long as it made sense.

It looks like the perfect kinda game for easter eggs, which I think I already saw the potential for a few.

Also, what about backwards numbers or letters? I was on the eye for this in every room, and didn't see any. If there were, I likely haven't dwelved deep enough, or missed it.

All in all, fairly decent. Is a new kinda style to think about, may even be revolutionizing.

7-8/10, 3/5


a really good experiment ... bugs your senses for a while

Big Glowing B

I got to a yellow room with a big glowing b on the wall with multiple x's, y's, z's and r's floating around, and I couldn't do anything there. I reset the page and finally found the end. it was interesting and worth playing.

brain teasing

it was OK, it didn't catch my attention that much though.

try better

its definately different but not that great