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Standoff: Turn Based News

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:::Massive Patch Update! 1.1::::
This adds more variety to the sayings of the attacks in the game, and so you won't get bored of hearing the same thing every time.

It started with an innocent "We say you're RACIST."
Then it became a "No! YOU'RE RACIST!"
And now it's a "WE'RE ALL RACIST"

And so goes the story of the NAACP and the Tea Party.
NAACP says the Tea Party tolerates hate.
Tea Party says that the NAACP is more racist then them.
NAACP gets angry.
Tea Party gets angry.
This is 5000 CNN "debates" later, the Tea Party has decided to attack the city of Baltimore and take out the NAACP once and for all.

I don't have anything against the NAACP and something against the Tea Party, but either way, you guys are making yourselves look a bit foolish. And also, this is a response to all those who are actually getting riled up about this, you know who you are, and a I lol at you.

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Pretending the tea party is equivalent to the naacp: the game

I too hate the TeaParty..I'm a Social Democrat BUT in order to be fair a game should have both sides evely pitted against one another with the same HP and attack power,Also the repair option only being for NAACP makes the game kind of one sided..Some players may want to play as the other side..they will soon discover that the game is set up to make them loose if they do.

squidly responds:

Not exactly, both sides are beatable, and I tried to make it balanced.


Go Katie Couric vs. Sarah Palin over the issue of whether or not seeing Russia from your home gives foreign policy experience sequel now!

squidly responds:

Lol, maybe if that gets relevant again.
See, I have to do these while the issue's still banging, and according to my television, it is, the whole Russia from your house thing isn't, though.

Very Funny Concept

I love how you incorporate humor in your flash games, and I thought that it was clever to create a race war between the NAACP and the Tea Party. But the game play could have been a little better.

squidly responds:

It could have, but I had three days, guys, this is by all means a joke, I had only time to put the bare essentials, if you were looking for a complex 100 skill game, then... well... sucks for you.


four more years

squidly responds:

Yeah... Four... More... Years...

Credits & Info

3.22 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2010
9:56 PM EDT

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