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Battle Theme I

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EDIT: After learning of the miracles VST's and Soundfonts can do, and the fact that my software supports them, I "re-instrumentated" Battle Theme I resulting in this "Version 2". It's still the same song though, so I guess there was no point in re-uploading and instead I'm switching the old audio with the new one. Enjoy!

So, finally after this many songs, and right after 2 slow, calm songs, it's time to get rough. Yeah, I finally completed a Battle Theme xD Apparently my friend's RPG is motivating me to be very productive.

Well... yeah, maybe I was a little bit TOO intense on the drums... but I finally had the chance to make that machine gun go, and I wasn't gonna waste that chance! XD

I don't have a problem with anyone using this or any of my songs for a game, JUST AS LONG as I'm credited :C in the intro or the credits or whatever~

Anyone can notice the obvious Motoi Sakuraba influence? :3

EDIT: I fixed a little bug I had at the end of the drums solo, and also made minor changes in the guitar and violin solos.

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Wish Monster Arena got a sequel where you could use all those other monsters...would be a cool way to push it to consoles and steam. I'd buy that for a dollar.


Love this battle theme :) Finally found it again by accident

Theres relatively speaking alot more detail in this track than in the other ones, and not mistaken detail just to throw it in. I also like the echo on the guitar solo btw, the violin i cant stand, but thats mostly because you make it do something it shouldnt, you should never ever drop a violin sound, not try to make it sound like a freaking piano. Because it makes it emediately give away that its electronic breaking the illusion of what its supposed to emulate, unless thats what you wanted it to.

Also, again.. im sad about the lack of fluctuation, theres just no accentuations going on, the track sounds flat.

Overall, ignoring all the purisms, its okay. And i think its the best of your three uploads you posted on the forum because it actually atleast tries to be music, its active. Just without vibrant color.

This is amazing I know this far of it is really good well id say the best and my favorite part was the start