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"SUPrB!", alias "Save Us from Private Brian!" is a bloody top-down shooter where a merciless spacemarine lands on a medieval fantasy world of "poor cavemen"!
15 violent game-levels
16 different enemies...to blast
24 gorgeous weapons, including....nuke bomb!

Warning: this game does not have the usual gameplay.
Your goal is to get the highest score in each of the fifteen game levels within the time at your disposal.
To maximize your level-score you need ring the alarm bell to call more enemies and defeat them as fast as possible keeping in mind the following rules:
1. More violence means time-bonus
2. More time lets you kill more enemies
3. More kills give you more money
4. More money buys more dangerous weapons
5. More weapons generate more violence
...go back to 1) and repeat the cycle!

The Space-Marine armory has a 6 page catalogue of wonders
The pistol you buy will be permanently equipped (instead of your basic pistol) and it will be ready in your hands as the battles start.
Teleport does not work for heavy weapons and grenades... so beware that the price you pay for them is for one mission use only and that they will be deployed randomly on the battlefield.

Movement and combat:
WASD - move
Mouse - aim
Left Mouse - shoot
1,2 - to switch light-heavy weapon
SPACEBAR - to pick up items
R - to open/close the radar
M - switch music track
P - pause
O - Controls
ESC - Main Menu

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Solid game dude! I sure hope there is more where that came from, home to see a sequel!

it was ok

really repetitive and got boring fast

Great game!!

Great game dude! really fun!


Critical points:
1. Repetetive, VEEEEERY repetetive. Variation comes only with the weapons, among them being rapid-fire, explosion and shotgun, and only 1 special-effect gun which massacres all enemies without any effort lol.
2. Game error: the game will not rank up. This happened after I cleared the game only once.

So, make sure there are no exploits in the next game like not ranking up, as in this game. Otherwise, good game.

just a heads up

You CAN switch weapons, but only when you're not in a "firing" animation. This means it won't work if you're holding down the mouse button.