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godzilla vs. eminem

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Too bambi-esque

I'm a big godzilla fan and do get annoyed when people miss the coloring but this was fine for this type of animation.


Eminem is awesome, second there's no chance for him to fight Godzilla, and third this is to ha123123123 godzilla is gray in the old movies when they first made godzilla, but he's truthfully a giant lizard that shoots fire so yes he's green.

1 Word: EPIC!

im speechless...


Finally a video that expresses the views of countless peoples feelings towards this so called "singer" < Please take note of the quotation marks (" ") as a sign of sarcasm.

If only Godzilla were for real then maybe our airwaves my not be desiesed with such hidious sounds that petrude from Eminems mounth!!