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Battle against the computer in a game of pong.

Use [up] and [down] arrow to control your pad. Don't let the ball slip on your side of the field. Gray part of your pad will decrease in size every time you lose a point and the green part of your pad will gain every time you win a point. Good luck and have fun. Hit the ball with the green part will execute a speed boost.

New update: I've compressed the sounds as much as possible, which reduced its size down to 2.38MB

Thanks for the comments :) Also, please let me know the highest level you've reached. This will help me fine tune the difficulties for future developments.

Internet Explore glitches: If you use IE8, you will encounter many glitches. For example, the paddles will fall apart and the ball will get stuck.

Please use a different browser to play Ponage. Firefox recommended.

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Needs something...

Needs more stuff thrown in your way, besides fire. Perhaps that will keep people like me from reaching lvl 101 and scoring 101,000+

I <3 this game!

I got the global high score!

Link: 59,504 fuck ya!

kokocipher responds:

It's over 50,000 !!! >:O

to much bouncing up and down

Is the paddle SHRINKING

kokocipher responds:

yes, gray area shrinks when you lose a point. ;]


Boring after a while


Is it like Pong? Well, basically yes. Then again, no! We put shit in the way! And for the life of you you won't be able to tell what's coming! I like it!

I played twice and at one point or another I ran into a bug, where the green inner part comes away from the gray outer parts and I can only move the green part. What's more, the ball spawns at the outer sides (left or right) of the screen and flies outwards resulting in a myriad of "lost point"s and "game point"s. And even if I am at the visually correct position to reflect the ball simply flies through.

kokocipher responds:

What version of Flash player are you using?

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3.69 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2010
1:56 PM EDT
Skill - Other