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Thor Rabbit Poker

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Poker with the rules twisted up - Win the most rounds in a game to win the players cash pot.

Use your card skills to beat the 3 card masters, choose how long you want the game to be first then try and win as many games as possible. Final scores are based on what you have left in your stash.

Read the instruction it will help in fully understanding the multipliers and game dynamics.


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Very Glitchy.

It was fun until i realized the glitches. Lets say the cards out were a 2 of hearts, a ten of hearts, a king of hearts, a 5 of spades and a seven of diamonds. So i put down the seven of hearts and the jack of hearts and it says i have one pair? Its always like that. With anything, If you have a combo lower it always takes the lower combo? I found this very agrivating as i played. If it wasnt for this glitch youd have a 4/5 7/10 but now for the moment your 0/5 and 2/10. FIX IT and iwill re-review and re-score.

Thorgaming responds:

thanks for the review, the game actually preferences the cards that you put out in comparison to the cards the AI put out not the community cards, this makes the AI programming easier. Sorry you didn't like it.

5 9's

The deck has more than 4 cards sometimes, while I enjoyed the game, I was distrought by the fact it had little things to do, and while the artwork and music was good, sometimes, the AI has better cars. or in some cases, 5 9's.

Thorgaming responds:

There are 26 cards dealt for the players, the community cards are another pack.

Very fun game

I really like this game. It has some depth to it and a nice little learning curve.

I play a lot of hold em and 7 card, so I won my first game. But it would have been easier with better instructions. It took me the whole first games to even have close to an idea of how to play.

Also, it sucks that you can't split a pot. Why not give both players a chip? It just isn't fair to choose by random.

An added dimension would be to allow a limited amount of betting.

Thanks for the submission! Perhaps the best card game on Newgrounds.