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RTS Defense

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Saddle up a defencive line of units, then the enemy will come in 3 wave's
per level.

First three levels are tutorial levels. then the game starts.

Retreating is necessary and will save lots of wounded units

Thanks for playing

Please: vote or review =D

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Fun game to play. I think if more time was put into it (i.e. better graphics, smoother gameplay, even a little autonomy with the characters you can control) it would make it much better. I'm not disappointed at all. Still fun and exciting to play. Could spend hours on this.

I guess it was ok

Greate Gameplay Core - Take it to the Next Level

Overall this was a great game and I really enjoyed playing it. I only found two flaws but neither were too major. First, moving a group around objects often resulted in units getting stuck rather than moving around them. There were ways to avoid this but it made it difficult to use tactics such as flanking quickly. Also, some of the bonuses, notably healing, seemed inconsistent.

With this framework in place, I think that you should focus on the presentation. The levels were fun but I stopped playing because they got repetitive. I would add some backstory and scenarios for each level so the players feel more attached to the game. Even simple things such as letting players name their units would help. A little variety in mission types could be fun too. Instead of just killing all of the enemy, how about acquiring a certain territory and holding it for a period of time, i.e. king of the hill. The possibilities are endless.

Next I would add some kind of statistics between levels and perhaps even medals for beating the game on easy, beating the game without any unit dieing, etc. This would help the replayability. If you add just some of these features I can see this being one of the premier flash games in the genre. Keep it up!


Cool idea. Still keeo getting annoyed by the tutorials; now I can't get out of the sanbags one. If there is a way it is not clear to me.


it's an okay game, i did kinda like it but once the wave starts there is nothing to do but just watch the troops fight,it felt more like a tower defense, it would be great if you gave us barracks or turrets, bigger areas to fight in, or have us invade an enemy base or send us on a retrieval mission.

Jedygamedesigner responds:

there actualy are some thinks you can do during the battle, like retreating the wounded to medics, useing the boost power, and flanking which make you kill your opponents faster.

But your right, the game certainly misses some good offense strategy.
Thank you for the review and I will think about your idea's