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Fat Warrior

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Arrows to Move
X = Attack/Action
Z = Open Select Weapon Menu
ESC / P = Pause Menu
Eliminate all the enemies and pick up any coins they drop before they disappear. Slash chests and other containers to find more coins and food. Use the coins you collect to buy upgrades between levels. Advanced weapons require energy, so keep tabs on your energy bar (top right).

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Good game but


I like it

First of all, the movable chests are quite annoying for me also, bute once you understand how to move objects it become quite easy to collect money.
I think it's a minor issue... the game is fun, well done... i like the 3D characters (none said, but i think it's a great improvement in flash games) and there are a lot of monsters and bosses in the levels.
For me, 9/10... i hope in a sequel with a little more tuning!


Those chests made me loose a lot of coins, and the ghosts annoyed me with the lag that I had. A leveling system, and maybe something like a shield, and a health bar that regenerates after a while, and you can upgrade that. And what not.


i'm giving it a three for diffrence it has more diffrence then all the other knight games out there on the newgrounds roster it would be better if u got a little blood and some gore in there it would make the game worth wile of playing also please fix the lag and the chests thank u


got bored fast, and it lagged super bad on level 2 -.-