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Double Fall 2

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Fixed some bugs including balls going through platforms and a "play" bug and resubmitting.

In this game you control 2 balls. One on each side of the
screen. Control the orange ball with A,W,S,D and the blue ball
with right,left,up, and down. Your goal on the orange side is to go
through the spaces without being forced out the top while
on the blue side its to find the spaces to avoid being
squashed at the bottom. Good luck. Game gets harder as
time goes on. Use 'm' to mute and z,x,c,v to change
soundtracks. The screen will invert, twist, and colorize itself,
so you must keep track of which side is which.

BEWARE! When the screen flips and the balls are on
opposite sides of where they started, the controls are
reversed as well. That means right is left and left is right
at those times!!

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worse than katamari


boring as hell


needs more work on it fun for 30 seconds at most but thats it seen way to much of those games and there are way better ones out there keep on working on it it might get better

A screwing with your mind puzzle game.

It screws with your head. Its alright to keep your attention for a couple of minutes. But the regular ball fall game seems much more fun, instead of trying to keep up with this crazy game.


pretty damn fun and adddicting