Darkness Springs v2.30

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This is release version 2.30 of Darkness Springs, based on feedback from newgrounds users (thanks!), I added the following new features:
- some more new (hidden) quests
- fullscreen mode
- improved intro
- rendering speed improved (should now run much faster on slower systems)
- better music and sound effects
- improved german translation (if you are on a german PC)
and a lot more.

If you haven't played this yet, there is a detailed help in the game.


I liked it until i saw these words, "the belt bag is only available for premium users". wtf that's just stupid, if something is only available for premiums users don't put it in the free game.

The cake is a lie!

"an absolute Free RPG"
yeah, if u want to travel HALF the world and be able to level up to incredible level 7.

nice one.

the game really got me. nicely done, some minor disadvantages like:
-the animation are not very liquid
-your char alsways looks the same, even with platemail and a huge hammer
-exp/money ratio isnt balanced
-no tutorial (okay, the gameplay is very simple, but anyway)

anyway. the game IS addicting, but i think thats part of you profit-concept...

if you had just uploaded the game for free and included an donate button with your Paypal i had given u 10 euros...
but getting a half done game online, WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY FREE! *uses his best shopping-TV-voice* is just napping people.

this is not
everything for people who are willing to pay 10 dollars

(not because the game costs money, but because the game is half done and PRETENDS to be free)

u lost me

this was boring and it kinda reminded me of runcape................suck

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You need to

Make it where the equipment the character is using is seen. Would that be too hard?

Pretty good :)

Good game! Seems pretty addictive, the music is good, I like the overall gameplay which is easy to pick up, however I think a tutorial section would be good too. The graphics aren't bad, the animations seem good, I have a few problems though. There are a few spelling mistakes, for instance, in the intro, it says "Pieceful" land instead of "peaceful". Overall though, not bad at all. :)

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3.40 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2010
8:04 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG