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TShirt Stand

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Welcome to TShirt Stand! This game will let you manage everything about your very own store that sells whatever kind of T-Shirts you like, all while learning the basics of running a business. You'll even deal with things like advertising, setting your sale prices, upgrading your store, and even bigger and better stores! Make sure you keep your store stocked with shirts, things will get really busy! Let's get ready to make some money!

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Fun Simulation But Limited Growth

I played through the game twice and it was fun but there were several frustrating aspects that limited the appeal of the game. I have listed some to hopefully help you improve your future submissions.

1. Customization: There were some nice options but it would have been great to have more than just one male and one female character to choose from.
2. Summary of Day: My biggest problem with the game was that after each day a summary of which customers who purchase each shirt and who did not buy a shirt due to price was not listed. This made it difficult to fine-tune pricing.
3. Bad Random: On days when it said that it would be warm I would randomly have much more demand for hoodies than T-Shirts. Another example is how my advertising had minimal impact.
4. Introduce "Good" Random: I liked the random price fluctuations and I think you could introduce more of that.
5. Make it easier to get the larger stores earlier: Even playing the game well I could barely open up the second store type before the 30 days was over
6. "Casual Mode": Let players go beyond 30 days if they wish without being able to submit a high score.

Overall this was a great, well-polished simulation that showed significant effort. I think that you can build from this platform and make even better games!

I thought it was cool.

It was fun and short.

Personally didn't like it.

But, It does deliver good quality.

People who like "Simulation" games will like this, Even if I personally didn't.