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Alien Invasion v2

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this is the 2nd installment of my rts/defense experiments. i totally forgot to upload this to newgrounds. so here it is.
OK, so the pathfinding sucks, but hey at least you can move your units.

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Fun game, but there is balance issue.

1) Early game gets incredibly easy once you get a single sniper, they can pretty much one shot everything with the ammo box buff, they are OP as hell.
2) If you spam snipers and mortars + buffs + tanks covering the rear, the late game is a joke. I didn't have to use the shocker, flamer, and the rocket-launcher at any point during the game.

The pathfinding is flawed, your unit would stop completely if there is an obstacle in their way.

Great game! This needs more recognition!


cool RTS!


I Thought this would suck but way better.

I hope next time "if there is one i hope: that it is more like the last one but much improved :3


i like it its a good deffence game