Steam And Brass

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Complete the pipe system from the top to the bottom of the screen, before the time runs out. You get points for each pipe connected to the system.


Use left mouse button to rotate the pipes.

Additional pipes:
- Blocked pipe: Watch out for this type of obstacles! The liquid will not flow through the blocked pipe.
- Locked pipe: You can't rotate this type of pipe. However, fluid can pass through it.
- Rusty pipe: You can rotate this type of pipe only 2 times, the third rotation will destroy it.

- Bonus score: Lead the liquid through this type of pipe to get additional 1000 points.
- Bonus time: Lead the liquid through this type of pipe to get additional 10 seconds.


Can't hate it

This game certainly had a lot of different aspects to it, or at least it seemed like that. I think the graphics were good, but it was not that different than other games like this I have played. I liked the little "huh" noise you make when you change the pipe's shape. Another strong point was probably how good the music was. For something as simple as plumbing, it really did give an action-like and good tone to it. I could just go all day turning the pipes around hoping to somehow be able to make it.

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Nothing new, good graphics

Visually this game looks extrememly good, but the concept is not a new one at all, and what makes others better is that this one, when you click to turn a pipe, there is a delay from the animation. I found myself wanting to make it a faster paced game, but that slow animation along with the slow tempo music in the background make it a slow game.

The music and graphics set a nice setting and tone, but the gameplay lacked quite a bit.

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Nothing too new or interesting...

It's a good game, but not at all original.

The graphics and the sound are both great, and the interface is clean and helpful, but I've played games almost exactly like this starting back in the early 90s. I really can't rate it any higher than I have, given its lack of originality.

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Come to think of it, not many flash games out there with this concept

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3.44 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2010
12:40 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other