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This is a straight forward falling puzzle game where you sort the falling coloured balls into the right pillar by moving Spheracles with your mouse. Its not a hard game but you won't get near the high score until you've played it a few times.

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Whats with the preloader?

A Sims styled preloader with the silly words showing, then another preloader with your ads yet it is only a 1MB big game.
I even did a browser refresh and it loads for the exact same amount of time, so you force people to wait while hoping we would click on the links to your other games.

This really frustrates me if you want people to visit your other games then add a "play other games" button in the bottom of the screen or a little logo during gameplay and if your games are good then they will visit them anyway, but making them wait is a cheap trick that isnt appreciated by anyone.

Now that I got that of my chest lets talk about the game, you said it was just a simple falling game well it is.
After a few levels there just isnt anything to keep you interested, it gets repetitive really fast.

I would have given you a 7 if you didnt have used that preloader/animation to keep me waiting.


But the spheres fall a little to quick for me, but altogether pretty addicting.


Pretty fun game. Interesting way to distribute the spheres as well.