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Running the Sun

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Team Shark's Submission for the NG Online Game Jam 2010

You play as a freshly hired businessman at the center of the sun whose job is to run the hamsterwheel-like contraption fueling the thermonuclear reactor. Meet your daily quota to keep your job!

Right Arrow: run
Up Arrow: jump

- Improved the difficulty curve
- Added the original music (musician's internet connection went out an hour before submission and ddn't come on till the next day so we couldn't add it till now)
- Made obstacles appear sooner when the level starts

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nice concept but terrible game

bad game.

i didn't like it. you just run and jumping over things and sometime it's even

Okay Concept

Still a piece of crap


This is pretty stupid.

This is a great concept

I will refrain from voting until you fix the boundry collisions. I haven't touched flash in a long time but I remember collision detection being a big discussion back when the as2 main thread started. It seems the detection for collision extends past the shapes. Please don't take this the wrong way, I'm the last guy that should be telling you how to make a game. It just seems this game was so close to being complete.