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ZitS - 20 to die

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- Please WAIT some seconds before the loading screen plays the intro-video. -

It seems like it was over... You escaped from the dark factory but zombies are everywhere around you. The helicopter will come to your rescue. Defend your campfire, repair your barricades, aim and shoot them. It's up to you to survive for 20 minutes!

After so much enthusiasm and requests... Here is the "survival-defence" sequel of "Zombie in the Shadow": a zombie action top-down shooter flashgame saga with dynamic lights and shadows!
It's not really the chapter 2, that will come in september 2010 with a lot of news.
"ZitS 20 to die" is more a summer holiday gift to all of you, great fans and supporters of our games :-D

Tutorial and full controls list are in-game.
WASD to move
Mouse to aim and shoot
R to reload weapon (in Manual Reload option)
SPACEBAR to open inventory and select weapons and devices
1 to switch Guns
2 to switch RIfles
3 to switch Launchers
X or WASD double click to jump barricades
Q to repair barricades and campfire
E to switch device
F to throw/place device
C to bash in brawl
Z to use night visor
M to mute audio
I to Instruction page
P to pause
SHIFT to hide/unhide HUD
ESC to Option Menu

For free-online-games portals webmaster: feel free to download this game from
http://www.yoarcade.net/g amesforyourwebsite.php

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epic as always dang i love your games

Oh wow...

I never thought I was going to like this game seeings as its so hard to see. But you can make other lights and even rebuild barricades as well as restoke the fire! Its so fun! ^.^ Lots of upgrades and thank you so much for a way to pause the game. Its usefull for someone who always gets nagged. Its a great game. And seeings that count down makes things so intense...But rebuilding stuff and making ways to see makes the game pretty awsome in my opinion. Let there be lights!


the only negative thing about the game is it's not very "noob friendly"

Better yet, still somehow flawed.

The game this time around has been fix tremendously, but takes away some of the charm of the last one. If you played the last one, then you'll reconize the "grindhouse" theme the game gives off. But here are the new things you can do, you can repair you barricades and your light when zombies damage it. This make time in-between waves frantic to cover up any holes in you defense. Weapons upgrading is now deeper then before. In the last game, you simply picked up the upgrade, not know what it did, or how effective it was. You get to choose you upgrades this time around, even making them more powerful then they could have ever been in the last game! No for the 2 unfortunate cons. Instead of going though dark corridors, you have a total of 20 minutes in real time to hold you own against the zombie horde. This sounds fun, and is quite a challenge for people who love to play zombie games like this like me, but it eventually becomes a klusterfuck. The thing that I wish they would personally focus on, is the corridor levels. Being in the dark and with very limited visibility, made it scary and suspenseful at all times. They probably dropped them because they were very short, and not very long, but they could have fixed both of those problems and still have it in the game. In summery, this is more of a test for hardened zombie horde slayers then just the comman gammer.
-now can repair barricades and the light
-upgrades are now deeper, more effective, and show up based on whatever weapon you using
-True Challenge for zombie slayers
-Gets very hectic early on if you not very careful
-Dropped the could have been improved corridor levels
Score: 9/10 5/5

Xplored responds:

You got the point. We used this intermediate title to fix all finetunes you guys suggested.
Now just be ready for the real sequel going to be released in about 1 month from now where you'll have again the exploration gameplay...in darkness.

frakin fantastic

dude this game is so sick if i could id marry it its that fuckin awsome