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Robots Can't Magic

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Happy Robot Day, Newgrounds!

I've been busy with so many things lately, and I'm glad to have forced myself to participate in RD2010! It's been awhile since I've actually gotten something DONE, and I can't wait to hear how people react to today's work. Robots Can't Magic is a comedic piece about how "technology" is sometimes just another word for "cheating," and how cheating can put you in a tight spot...

Newgrounds, Day Robot Happy!
I still feel weird whenever I type "Newgrounds" on Newgrounds and my computer says it's a typo...

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robots are programed to do this kinda thing its just amusing to see this video cause of that.. In this case the programmer didnt do a good job writing how to make a robot disapear xD good work

.. Must I really write a title?

This was awesome!.. Wait,why are that bunnies coming for me with swords? Err - Gotta go! - Runs in pain - ( Poor bunnies. )

However,the 1st bunny will now be eaten,the 2nd is in the Bunnie' Heaven? WOW! I love this. 10/10!


Poor bunnies. One got sent to the chop shop and the other got exploded.

Oh. He disappeared! He really did!

Now when's he gonna reappear and give me an autograph he promised? lol

Wait, he asploded?

What happend to the cute bunny in his torso then?