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This is a vertical shooting game that I created to try to capture the feel of a past generation of arcade action. I created all of the art, music, and code over the course of four months, and almost lost it all when my hard-drive crashed. I finished it in the end, and am happy with the result.

For people playing for score: The system is chain based, and score is calculated by multiplying the chain length * unit base value * the difficulty level.

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Your ship moves too quickly, the music cannot be muted, and doesn't stop when you pause, and there's no sound effect for shooting. You should let the player slow down their movement by holding a button and it would be a lot better.

I am always a sucker for these games

I like this game a lot mostly because it has pretty much everything you could want in a shooter game at all. I was impressed at the graphics, like how the cartoonish purple attacks stood out with the more realistic ships. It is a pretty hard game, as it can take like 20 of those bombs just to kill the first boss! What really makes this enjoyable is that you simply get so many chances to play the level over and over again. I love how the weapons change, especially the weird green rings. I admired all the creativity put into this.

Retro games rule

Very well done just likf the old days of gaming.

Boy Do I Love Shmups!

"Bullet-curtain" shmups are the most hardcore by my standards, and I think you have captured that essence pretty nicely. Plus, the music is suitably epic.

Looks familiar...

An extremely challenging shooter that demands constant attention and carries decent action. Needs more sound, though.