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Shadow Survival

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After your abduction by those at the halls of shadow and subsequent transformation into shadow you must now escape. Features a basic story mode and a survival/free mode. My intention is for this to be "Chapter 1" of a series - chapter 2 and a prequel will follow eventually.

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not good

lousy animation, rediculous difficult, waaaaaaaaayyyyyy to short, your weapons suck...relly bad! and after the first boss you keep reloading uncontrolably. this game sucks


well... its ok, but it seems like your a little limited. You cant really jump high, and its hard to fight the shadows on the ground while fighting the things in the air. When i would shoot at the things on the floor, i would always get killed by the flying things, and if i was shooting at the flying things, i felt like i was playing jump rope.
Btw i found a glitch where I had to reload after every shot, idk why

In my opinion, it wasnt that fun, but i see you put some work in it, and you do have talent.

It was aight : \

The game part of it was well-made, but it wasn't really that captivating. The storyline is kind of meh, and that sound at the beginning almost blew my hearing out. Keep working on it man. If you make the gameplay a little more exciting, then I think it could be really great.


the good
good graphics, it looked good
good story concept

the bad
the difficulty was HARD, and I'm not just saying because I suck at gaming, but enemies are flying at you from all directions and your character is too slow and it's just impossible!

the weapons are strange, a pistol and... a rocket launcher? shouldn't you build up to that?

the story's concept was good, but the execution was kind of weak

the conclusion

a good concept of a game, but the execution could have been much better (better cutscenes and such) 6/10


after beating the first boss your character will keep reloading after each shot, giving you a magazine of one bullet