Claytus Hood TowerDefense

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Defend your farm from waves of impudent animals in this nice looking Claytus Hood Tower Defense game. Build and upgrade your weapons to kill all enemies. Like a tower defense like game ! Thanks for playing !

CONTROLS: Use your mouse, ESC = Pause

COMMENTS: Claytus Hood Tower Defense is a game made by a French independent team. It was an exciting experience to make this game, I hope you like to play with !
I spend all my time coding this game, working with artists and musicians since January 2010.
There are 3 available levels for now, I will add some levels and turrets in next months, don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter and become my facebook fan to stay tuned !
I know my English is not perfect, so your help and comments about my writing are welcomed =D
Thanks !

EDIT : I have code an easier mode for players who don't like the original difficulty and challenge of Claytus...

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A trial and error TD in this day and age? With suc

Such wierd gun pyschics, requiring EXACT postioning of guns and giving them such incredibly crappy range, no preview on waves past the next and a speed up button that hardly speeds the game up at all?!

That makes playing through the earlier waves unbearbly annoying.

This would be pretty awesome without the above.

And Ja ja indeed, the first level is easy, but the second level is where the game requires PERFECT placement, meomry and repetion, repetion, repetion.


I have this game in my favorites.. jaja today I have passed the first level!! and the principal song.. it`s awesome were can I download it??? GREAT GAMEE!!!

Rafarel responds:

Thank you very much for your review, you're one of my best fans : )
Thanks for supporting the game with your daily votes, too
For the moment you can't download the music, and it's probably gonna be modified a bit soon. Don't forget that you can subscribe to our newsletter, so that you'll be informed when the next levels will be released!

I may not be objective but...

... this game is great.
The graphims are very good, the musics are great and fun, and the game is challenging.
Sure, as others said before, it can be tedious to achieve 100%, but the game is intended to be challenging, so it's kinda normal that you can't beat it with a perfect score on the first try.
Just use your brain, and your sense of observation, and you'll spend some good time on this entertaining game.

Very, very fun, gratz to the programmer, the artists, and the level design...
Oh, and people who rate a game 1 just because of loading time are just plain stupid.

Rafarel responds:

Thanks for defending the game : ) I totally agree with your point of view !


it takes ages to load.. tried 3 times

Rafarel responds:

Sometimes it happens that the game takes time to load, sometimes Claytus loads in a few seconds, I don't know why... Thanks for your objective review and score...

Another "learn by tedious failure" TD.

Pick a number between 1 and 4.

Got your number? Good. Write it down. Now pick another one. In fact, keep picking numbers between 1 and 4 until you have a long list of numbers. I'm not going to tell you in advance how many numbers you need to pick, but just pick about 20 or so for right now.

If your first number was a 1, you lose. Start over. Read this review again, starting at the top.

Good job if you made it this far into the review. I'm afraid you're going to have to keep waiting for me to get around to telling you whether you got it wrong or not. I'm just gonna sit here and waste your time. There's a button you can supposedly click to tell me cut the crap and finish this review faster, but clicking it doesn't seem to do anything.

If your second number was a 2, you lose.

Notice how you have no idea, when you first pick your list of numbers, what's going to cause one number to be right or wrong. Notice how you have to play the entire game just to discover whether or not your previous choices have locked you into a fail state or not. Notice how long and tedious this review has become. It's not very fun, is it?

If your third number was anything but a 3, you lose.

If I were going to try and convince people that this review is worth reading, I might claim that it has "suspense" and "keeps you guessing" what the correct sequence of numbers is "right up until the very end!" I might claim that it's a review you will re-read time and time again.

If your fourth number was not a 1, you lose.

In fact, one of the first two numbers should probably be a 1, too.

Sorry I didn't mention that sooner.

Of course, most people would probably not call this review fun. If you did find this review fun, then you will probably enjoy Claytus Hood TowerDefense, as it uses the same pacing, risk schedules, and feedback mechanisms, as this review. It also respects your time and intelligence just as much.

The fifth number should probably not be a 1. But you won't really know more until I review Claytus Hood TowerDefense 2. Until then, enjoy blindly picking numbers and wondering if you're going to lose or not.

Rafarel responds:

I love your review ! Just one thing : Claytus is based on strategy, not on random numbers :) I'm coding a mode with a lot of money for people who just like to chain kill enemies with a lot of turrets :) Thanks for your time

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2.68 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2010
7:08 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense