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Ricochet Kills 2

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Kill all your enemies with your gun by making a perfect angle and by taking a right shot.

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Ricochet Kills 2: 3rd most popular game on coolbuddy? highest rated game in the series on NG? Frontpage game? You bet!

That's right, RK is back, and better than ever! What's new? a beautiful sunset background, each one for every ten levels, more accurate bullet bouncing (or ricocheting), new sound effects, new gameplay elements (explosive barrels, rails, boxes, crates, barrels), ragdoll physics, bleeding, brand new absolutely gorgeous music by the man himself: Alexey Semyonov.

The levels are as challenging as they are fun, with the brand new way levels are made, in the brand new level editor, you can make a rocket! A building! A mech! whatever you want!

In conclusion, RK2 is definitely a all time classic for both RK fans and Flash fans! (RIP Flash), 9.8/10

I shot a dude in the Crotch and it looked like he was peeing :3

BTW good game!One of my favorite games!

good game


always a fun game

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not usually very good with editors, but i kinda like this one i made!!