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Essentia Morai

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The loading screen may appear blank for a while but it WILL load so sit tight.

A special thanks goes out to Sander - the programmer - without whom this game may never have been published or at the very least would have taken me a month or so to finish because before I started this project I didn't know a single line of code!

Hope you all enjoy this great adventure!

(Please note the original game was twice as large so quality is a it lost but it still should be playable at full zoom.)

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Could have been better, I like the story, but quality goes a long way for me. Liked the background music though. That is really all I ave to say for this

Raza responds:

Well that's good enough for me. I did the music in this game. Thank you for the compliment.


the ending was completely confusing... but it shows great promise. it just needs an ending i dunno if that was supposed to be it but it just feels incomplete

A good start

Being a novice in the world of flash animation, I know how hard it can be.
I like the story behind it and wasn't really expecting them to be behind the door.
Deserves a sequel ;)
Graphics need improving though but are pretty good considering the effort.
However the end is a bit... sudden.
you need something before the "narrative" to make the player realize it's finished (and not starting from the beginning again)


I kept trying to find other things I could obtain or other places I could go to... There was a lot more combining items than I expected. The ending felt a bit abrupt to me. I would've liked to continue... I feel like I didn't really accomplish anything. I lodged my pillow in the trash, I dropped a bucket in a well, and I got my only companion high. I thought I'd be trying to find food or something. I mean, we uncover a secret of Bozo's, but that didn't really seem like my ultimate goal.
Interesting, but too short, methinks.


great game, i like how you actually made the guy talk, but im stuck, its really hard. Is there a walkthrough?